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*cough* I was wondering- does everyone on CoH have *** when they roleplay? *eyes roll* I mean- does anyone ever.. er.. NOT? IS it possible? Because if so- check me out on the champion server.. account name: mellow puffins (character)




Was that a question? Or just words with a question mark at the end? *totally lost*

What is "***"?



i think he means S-E-X, that naughty boy

Hes dirty.



Having sex while playing or RPing sex?



A little more clarity required here...and let's keep it PG-13, as the 'structions on the main forum site requests. Clearly, it's a question about sex, roleplay & MMO's, CoH in particular...a little more explanation, si vous plait? I do know "naughty" behavior goes on, in private...and not just in this game. I've heard tales from SWG that might make Larry Flynt cringe. Or not. But anyways...

And there's nothing "dirty" about it! Just think of what that little Jewish lady was always trying to tell us: "Zex, zex, und more zex!!!" (Sincerest apologies to Dr. Ruth Westheimer.)

Anywho, this is an old thread I found by accident so probably nothing more will come of it...but I'd love to see the conversation!



Er, so. I've never seen it going on, much less been propositioned. If it's going on everywhere, I think my feelings are hurt! ^_^

Then again, I just had a friend tell me, yesterday, that that was why he didn't move to Virtue. /e shrug

It's not the end of the world-- indeed, I'll come right out and say, it's just as valid as any other form of online RP, and I've done it myself. Complaining that it exists just because you don't like it is pointless, if not outright juvenile.

HOWEVER. Doing anything beyond PG13 anywhere except private tells is obnoxious and, I'm sure, verboten. And if you are doing any such thing in tells, you should be *extremely* confident about the other person's permission, comfort level and age.

And if you sneak off during a TF with your girlfriend, it's going to tick me off fiercely!

That's the horror genre, not the Superhero genre.

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someone can *** me up anytime they want, **** im up for a good time with some good ol hero *** we can make hero babies! YEAH!



OK, this thread is kinda weird, and ties in with another thread of late about male and female 'Toons, who plays them and whether you can judge a guy or girl from their language and 'Toon clothes. We can only imagine that everyone is discussing verbal play, as we cannot imagine what would get your jollies about seeing this. Especially at the low rez of this game, and we do not of any good /commands for initiating it.
We enjoy good Anime as much as anyone, and some Princess movies can liven up any Friday night, but we don't think CoH is the place for graphic action. Verbal fun, well, that's fun anywhere. Not only that, but you should see the tips some good language skills can get a girl. I certainly think the only place for anything like this is /whisper or /tell, unless you are on an exclusive team, and then it's your business. Passing two 'Toons standing on a street is fine, if the conversation is private, no one is the wiser. If you are localing it and I pass by, you might hear a "Gross" or "Get a room!"
Me, I have had one or two adventures with other female 'Toons, in very private talks, and we are cool with that. One thing: you better make sure you are talking to an adult, very sure.
We are always in for RP, that's how we live, so Sibling is available for RP-ing. Ladies only please.



I've been propositioned several times, and I (unfortunately) know people whose main activity on CoH is ummm .... chatting.

It's not even good rp propositioning, either. Every time the pick-up line has been so lame and out of the blue that its insulting.

Personally, I'm here to play a hero, and I'm certainly not going to pay $15 a month for something like that.

I've been tabletop and live-action RP'ing for 15 years or so, and while I think romance can be an essential part of a strong story, I'm a big fan of the "drawn curtain," as it were.

There can be romance and/or a physical relationship between characters w/o something that reads like a letter to Penthouse. That is usually something best left "off camera."

That being said, if ummm ... chatting is what you're really into, go ahead. Just be sure of the other person's rl age and comfort level.

But please, keep it to tells. The rest of us don't want to hear about it.