A compendium perhaps...




Kudos to all for all the material submitted here. I find myself spending far too much time sifting through this topic and reading the stories, comments, anecdotes, etc.

I was also thinking it's too bad that the nature of the board is such that new posts by default sort of bury the older ones, and if you don't know to specifically look for something, you might miss a jewel or two.

So, what am I blathering about exactly?

One of two things-

A specifically fiction-type thread so that origin stories and episodic accounts (eg, your basic comic book, issue to issue style) could be gathered more or less in one place for everyone's reading pleasure,


We all cross post those elsewhere too.

I know there are other RP boards out there (not as familiar with them).

What do y'all think?




I like that idea... and I miss the sperate "origin" forum, STRICTLY for single writers (no roleplay interaction) origins...

The reason things get burried is why I put my origin in my sig anyway!



Guess it's just you and I Sly..



I would love a Newsstand forum where we could spotlight our writing. The Seekers messageboard has a similar set up for all of its heroes, where each member gets a Solo Issue forum to continue their stories. I have also seen some great screenshot comic art that may fit in such a forum as well.

Sign me up for this idea!



A thread containing the links to the threads containing fan-fiction would be nice -- each thread with a synposis/review. I think a single thread with all of those stories would get HUGE.



[shameless plug]

http://www.coh-fiction.com offers all these services

The story section is currently divided by server, and a separate category for origin and general RP. Individual categories can be made, and I have no problem setting up categories for people who want to group all there stories together.

There is also an image upload system if you want to display artwork in your stories.

[/shameless plug]

I do like the idea. If nothing else the RP forum could use a couple of sub-catigories to help sort things out a bit more.



I would love this.. Especially since I would like to re-post my first two pieces... They were a bit rushed and suffered from some minor errors.. That's all been edited now but I can't seem to edit those posts to correct them on the board.. ;P



not even close to being just you and Sly...I've heard from numerous people that they would like to have this. I have my origin on my website, which is in my sig, but a lot of people don't have that privelage. SlyFox's sig is just his origin; which I tried linking to mine...but my sig became too long

Hopefully this can get added soon, maybe even a sub-category of the RPG forum here.

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I stand corrected

and very pleased to be so.