Crisis One Reporting: Rikti and the Lost




<open transmission>

Good afternoon, heroes. This is an open broad-spectrum communication from Crisis One to those who may be concerned:

In my recent explorations of the city, I have discovered more than a passing reference to the source of the Lost contamination and their connection to the Rikti. Evidence is presented below. Please, be on your guard when facing these menaces, and should you come across any further information regarding either group of entites, feel free to share it with those of us concerned about their potential threat.

In terms of the connection:

- In the recent Outbreak in one of the residential blocks of Paragon City, several of the detectives make reference to a Rikti drug being given to the rioters in error. Though a cure has been formulated due to the actions of the heroes involved in quelling the riots, the original source of the drug is unknown.

- Though weak, the rioters exhibited several signs of contamination similar to those exhibited by the Lost: slight physical manefestation, psychosis, feelings of invulnerability, and strength enough to damage even the hardiest power armor (as I can well attest).

- Note the glowing green eyes of the rioters, and compare them to some of the more brutish specimines of the Lost.

Knowing that the source of this contamination was Rikti, and given the obvious similarities between the Rioters and the Lost, and, too - given the Lost's propensity for use and a seemingly inexhaustable supply of Rikti armament, I suspect the connection between the two groups may run deeper than is first apparent.

Be on your guard, and vigilant. The threat may be more than you currently suppose.

Crisis One, out.

<end transmisson>



Freedom Factor has been engaged in an ongoing investigation into this as well. During the Ritki invasion, the Ritki were aided by numerous Lost. Some of the Lost even start to resemble Ritki in later mutations.
This is quite worrisome. Are the Ritki trying to chnage us into them? If so, the invasion isn't over; it's just begun.

Dwarf Star; Angel-Night, Adoniel, angel of the 12th hour of the night; among the many
Freedom Factor
and now from Warhammer Online, Gorlok, Greenskin shaman



Upon hearing the conclusion of the alert, Caleb reached over to give his multi-gun an affectionate pat on its accelerant tank.

"Mutated alien freaks or not, they're not bulletproof," he rumbled with a faint smirk, thinking back to the last Lost he introduced to a little full-auto fun. Then, grabbing the weapon by the pistol-grip on its assault rifle portion, he wheeled around to take aim at a ficticious foe. "Bang!" he exclaimed, dry-firing the rifle. "You're dead."



Calash stared silently at the screen, the reflection of the glowing text illuminated his optical systems as he read the data. His body was still, but his mind raced, access data on his recent encounters with The Lost, cross referencing it with data gathered during the last invasion. Data poured into his mind, connecting genetic patterns and general tactics, looking for a connection.

With a sudden movement the giant Cyborg stood up and turned, swiftly moving toward the door. With in moments he was outside, standing at the base of an apartment complex. With a brilliant flash it’s plasma generator fires up, surrounding it in a yellow aura. Swiftly he begins to move down the street, and eventually from building to building, a single thought echoing in his mind.

“Data inconclusive. Require more tactical data on “The Lost”.”



"That is the end of the transmission," Alyssa's soft voice intoned in Jayce Jystal's head. "His assertations are interesting, and our experiences tend to confirm them."

Jayce gave a short, bitter laugh and, with a thought, swtiched the flight systems of his battle armor into hover mode. "'Experiences' is kind of a light term for having a scruffy mutate wearing the rejects from a transportation department yardsale pull out an big-*** energy rifle and try to give me a real close haircut with it, wouldn't you think?" Glancing over at a holographic display projected by his optic implant, he scowled and sighed. "The reactor output is still way below par 'Lyss. The armor's power systems are draining way too fast."

"I have done all the retuning I can with the capabilities of the armor's auto-repair systems. The central power source was distorted by the dimensional shift, and unless you can find a new and compatible artifical quantum singularity core, this is as good as it is going to get." A holographic simulation of his AI appeared in front of Jayce, the slightly transparent young woman wearing the uniform jumpsuit of a Stellar Confederation Star Lancer seeming to hover unaided along with him in the air over Paragon City, Alyssa's face bearing a frown matching his own. "And those 'big-***' energy wepons the mutants used do match the the Rikti rifles and sidearms used during their invasion of our dimension. Arming and guiding disenfranchised minorities is an effective and common insurgent tactic."

"Not going to let that go, huh? Yeah I know it is. The Rikti are smart and more than that, they're tenacious bastards, so I really don't put it past them."

A smile spread across her face. "So what are we going to do about it?"

"Do?" Jayce gave another short bark of laughter as he brought up the diagnostic displays on the suit's weapon systems. "You're starting to take this being called a 'hero' bit way too seriously. We're going to do the same thing we've done since we got tossed into this weird dimension, figure it out when it becomes an issue." He shifted to the power systems displays, then back to the weapons. "Try recalibrating the plasma blasters' energy systems. We're going to have to squeeze more efficiency out of this somewhere."

Alyssa raised an eyebrow and gave him her characteristic annoyed look, and then the hologram winked out. "Analyzing..."