Role Playing question (really more of a rant)




I want to RP... I want to role play my toons with other toons . After reading these boards I am uncomfortable doing it. So many people get uptight at it seems... anything.

I'm curious how hard it would be to add some or even just one of the folowing (or maybe these are already in effect and I just don't know it?)

1) A roleplaying chat channel
2) A roleplaying flag that is visible to everyone.
3) An Uptight filter... defaults to on.... I'm automatically /ignored by anyone that doesn't turn it off... I don't want to upset someone by talking about religion/science/politics IN CHARACTER... while I'm wishing also make my costume completely random to anyone that has uptight filter /ON no worries on getting anyone upset because I might look angelic/demonic/gay/naked/alien (Earth is for Humans after all )

I just am so tired of seeing so many people complain that this is a game..."it shouldn't have; demons, angels, homosexuals, monotone colored toons, races, genders, religion, science, offensive roleplayers, inoffensive roleplayers, etc etc ad nauseum"

You know what; comics have all those things. If it offends many people then it shouldn't be much as that annoys me... it's true... but anything will offend SOMEONE and that's just silly. So for the BIG group of us that AREN'T annoyed by all that stuff... some flag or chat channel or something.

Ok sorry
/end rant



One of the things I DID like about SWG was the flags they had available. The RP flag was great for finding like minded people, and the Helper flag was nice for finding folks who WOULDN'T tell you "STFU u stupid n00b!" when you didn't know something.

Basically my ghetto answer was to stick (Roleplayer) at the end of my info block. You'd have to see me, info on me, and then read to the end to find it, but it's better than nothing I suppose.



Probably too late to implement this - but we could have all put RP at the end of our character's names. Oh well - the best ideas are always in hindsight.

I find it works best to use moderate to light RP in the local or team channel and see what the vibe is around me (unless of course i'm playing with RP friends then i RP like crazy) But i never RP using the Request or Broadcast channels. I also state that i want a RP team when i request team - it seems to work well for me. Hope you have better luck.




Probably too late to implement this - but we could have all put RP at the end of our character's names. Oh well - the best ideas are always in hindsight.

[/ QUOTE ]

Not so. You could always put something in your Bio, so when you right click on a toon ( I guess that's what you call characters around here, eh? ) and read their Bio you can see if they will RP or not. As the Bio is editable AFTER character gen, this is a viable option.

Even though my character doesn't have it explicitly in her Bio, one read of it, and you can tell that I'm always happy to RP dialogue with a player. So if you want a break from bashing Hellions and want to parlay for a while, keep a look out for my character, Jemini, on the Justice server.



bah! if it bothers them, oh well. But I personally get a kick of keeping in character when others are ooc.
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I don't see where the hostility comes from. I don't roleplay actively... but who's to know? I just keep a fun and forward attitude towards the game, and I tend to type a lot, even in the middle of fights. Wether my jokes and stupidities are mine or my character's is nobody's business.

In any case, I treat RP's with respect... or with the same lack of it levellers get. Makes the game much more fun, imo. I'll use game jargon most of the time, if it reduces the typing, but I tend not to talk about game mechanics, aside from levelling and/or dying.

I don't think RPing or not is a binary choice. There are plenty of levels in between, and one dynamically adjusts to what the other players are doing at the moment. I'm more focused when playing with strangers, but when playing with my supergroup I'm a bad stand-up comedian in full body armor, and I have a blast with it.



I always stay in character with my alien on Protector. No one that I've run into likes to RP, but I still stay in character. It gets kinda funny since my character is an alien toy looking for someone on Earth to buy him so he can become a citizen. "Would you like to buy me?" gets some funny reactions.



Okay, I have really upped the role-play quotient in my style lately. Here's the reaction I've gotten:

1. Ignoring me - Outside of groups I'm in, most players I've come across act just like an NPC. I get no reaction whatsoever in most instances.

2. lol - I get a lot of appreciative non-rping responses from teammates who either think my jokes are funny or are humoring me.

3. Confusion - a couple of teammates have expressed concern that I'm typing when there are xp points to track down.

4. Participation - a few players have actually participated to varying levels.

I share the role players' frustration. There is very little in the game set up to encourage role playing. And when most of the players you encounter just want to run around and hunt mobs for leveling, rping can be seen as an inconvenience.

I'm still gonna do it though.