Nov. 30th




Well the day is nearing....

I have been doing R/L stuff since the announcement, and have been dreading this date.

Going to be on VENT and in game all day on the 30th, just holding on to hope till the last min.
All are welcome there, just wanted to let everyone know.

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I'll be on all day myself. See everyone there.

"I never said thank you." - Lt. Gordon

"And you'll never have to." - the Dark Knight



When I get home from work, I'll be drinking fine scotch and hanging out until the lights go out. Kinda hoping there's some kind of big bang at the end, but I'm guessing its just going to be a fade into black...

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A fade into plaid would be cooler.

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Lose --> Did not win, misplace, cannot find, subtract.
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