'Until they shut the servers down.'




"I'll be here until they shut the servers down."

I've read that many times over the years. From one person - "the game is dying!" or "the game is dead!". Then the response, "No it isn't. I'll be here until they shut the servers down."

I didn't really expect that I would be one of the people who would be here when they shut the servers down. But here I am. Here WE are. Looking at the last week of play.

Friday night I'll be logging Star in, somewhat late as I have a pen and paper game. I will stay on until midnight Pacific - until they shut the servers down.

Come play with me, if you can, or arrange for something earlier that evening, if you can't stay that late (early morning for many of you!). Don't let the game go without one last Rikti moshpit.



I actually requested Nov 30 and Dec 1 off from work so that I can maximize my time here to say farewell on the last day, and not have to worry about getting up early the next morning.

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It will be Three AM here when the world ends. Since I've already requested the time off, I'll be able to get a few last pictures, run a mission or two, and, when the lights go out, say goodbye to an old friend.

I fully believe the game can and will be resurrected, but there is one inescapable fact: The game will shut down on November 30.

I intend to be there when it happens.

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I too, took the last 2 days off from work, just so I can get my last immersion of this great game. Cheers to all of those I have had so many great times with and all those I won't be able to join. Perhaps we will find our way together, again.