Just like a bad breakup




I periodically come to the City of Heroes site, mainly out of habit. What do I see? A new message dated September 18?


It's about refunds...

This is like when you break up and then you see a message or text on your phone. Hope maybe? No. "I left a box outside with your socks, mouthwash, and two of your books on the porch."

** sigh **



Just as long as NCSoft doesn't then flaunt it in our faces when they start dating again.

*Looks at recent NCSoft announcement about Soul & Blade*

Maybe we'll get a sympathy [PANCAKE] from another game company.



The game isn't dead yet.

There are ongoing negotiations to see if the game can be saved and continued under a new studio aegis. There are still 10 weeks to go before the shutdown.

So continue fighting The Good Fight.

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Originally Posted by Hyperstrike View Post
The game isn't dead yet.

There are still 10 weeks to go before the shutdown.

So continue fighting The Good Fight.

Thanks to everyone that helped make me a welcomed part of the community, and for giving me over 3 years of some of the best gaming I've been able to take part in. May the next game bring many friendships and maybe reconnect to some old CoH friends.



Maybe it's all a Nemesis plot to introduce CoH 2.0....



*holds up a boom box playing Peter Gabriel outside Paragon Studio's office*

That blue thing running around saying "Cookies are sometimes food" is Praetorian Cookie Monster!
Shoot on sight, please.




I was thinking earlier today of how many times something changed in the game that I didn't like and I threatened to leave.

(start montage to "Take these Broken Wings")



December 2011 - Hard drive pushes up daisies.
February - 2012 Exchange underemployment for even more underemployement. Thank goodness for nice tax refund but no extra for fixing computer. Laptop good for Mids to get something of CoH.
April 2012 - Yeah! full time employment. Let friend know he can now good ahead with fixing computer.
May 2012 - Ordered hard drive having issues ... friend sends back and gets another. Busy with life fixing progress slowed to near standstill.
June-July 2012 - Moved to what appears to be the internet boondocks ... hopefully when computer finally running it'll be playable here. Friend and other computer savvy types reassure me shouldn't be bad for play, but maybe downloading updates etc. might take lots of time compared to what I'm used to.
Early August - Part gets screw driver dropped on it ... aarrrggggg. Another motherboard (at friends cost) ordered. No worries CoH going strong, having fun working up in Mids all the character builds that have been accumulating with the Issues since nearly last year. Last year!
Late August/September - Oh MY and just when it looks like the computer is no longer terminal

Hoping like crazy to be back online before sunset arrives and that someone saves CoH for its faithful heroes.

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Silhouette, Tryth, Tempest Furie and Serene Wisp of the Lethal Ladies
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