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Many of you know me as CC or Canadian Canuck on the Guardian server, those of you that don't nice to meet you! I know this news today has saddened many of us that have enjoyed and will miss the game and most importantly the friends we have all made on the way.

I bought my very first computer when I heard of City Of Heroes being released on PC. Otherwise I had no interest in owning a computer. I would like to say it has been a very great 7+ years of playing CoH and self learning about computers.

For me this was a great way to release the stress of everyday life. I know some in the game that used this as a social interaction where it made people feel good about themselves. For some others this was there only way of social interaction and I feel most upset for them as this will be taken away. I know we have all shared our ups and downs in life with people we do not know other than wearing a cape and trusting with our real life emotions. I personally have done this with people in the game with the loss of my cat Benny 3+ years ago. It may not have been as serious as some others loss and tough times. I know others that have lost family members and have gone through other medical issues that just needed someone to talk too and I have lent an ear many times.

I hate to say "told you so" to NC Soft, but the day they said they were making it free to play with Freedom or "Free-Dumb" as I like to call it I knew it would not be long until this day. I keep thinking that this is a terrible dream that I am having with hearing this news. I know that is not the case.

Maybe it is not too late to reverse the decision that was announced today. I know many, many of you have signed the petition that is on-line to keep the game alive. My suggestion is for them to reverse what has been done. Go back to charging all of us to play. I know this sounds crazy to ask them to ask us for money but if it keeps the game so be it. Making it free only cost them money to upkeep the game and we all know in a business world there is nothing for free. I would be happy if there were no more new issues released and the game would stay the same as it is now. Truth be told there is a lot of content in the game now to keep re-making a character and going to level 50 and starting again. If they need to delete some servers let them, just please transfer our characters to another server.

Many people are posting saying "good-bye" and simply writing off the game. Lets put out a positive vibe and not give in to the game is coming to an end. I hope I can make a difference in your mind in saying lets see if we all can stand together as a hero alliance (which is many more than can team in a league) and let them know we will do whatever it takes to keep the game alive.

So I ask you all to let NC Soft hear your voice and hope that we can unite to keep our family alive.

And on a lighter note I hope this motivates you all!!!



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Stop with the "I told you so" ********. Freedom had nothing to do with this, if anything the game had entered a Renaissance era because of it.

"You don't lose levels. You don't have equipment to wear out, repair, or lose, or that anyone can steal from you. About the only thing lighter than debt they could do is have an NPC walk by, point and laugh before you can go to the hospital or base." -Memphis_Bill
We will honor the past, and fight to the last, it will be a good way to die...