Seeking *active* SG on Triumph




I've been away a long while (played little since i7) and I'm looking for an active SG on Triumph. Active meaning there are regular SG groups running.

Please respond here or @AmsterdamHeavy if you're recruiting.


I'm still not digging ED.

50 spines/regen
50 nrg/nrg/force
37 emp/rad
50 stone/fire/fire
50 Peacebringer
43 bs/sr
22 fire/ta

23 sonic/sonic



I am willing to bet Team APEX would welcome you with open arms

Just talk with Rook or Master Stryker



Darkness of the Apocalypse is always looking for new members, just send a tell to any of our leaders at @Lord Ozi or @The Ancient. We'd be glad to have you!



Isn't Darkness a VG and not a SG?



Yes but I think Lord O z

has a Hero SG as well with a similar name.



Yes we have our main VG Darkness of the Apocalypse, however we have a hero side SG as well that's just as active.