Caption This: Noble Savage




First off, Happy New Year

Below is a storyboard I've set up for a "comic strip" featuring Faux Paw. I'm now at the point I have to write her dialog but I started wondering what's going through Noble Savage's head.

I'm hoping to harness the creative juices of this forum and channel it through Noble Savage.

In each frame Noble has the choice to use a thought bubble, speech bubble or just stay quiet.
I'm asking you to put on those size 33s shoes Noble's wearing and put the words in his mouth.

I'll make a separate strip with the best dialog and post it here.

PS If you have any idea what fonts Noble Savage would use, feel free to pass it along.

Thank You



All dialogue by NS:
Panel 1: "Hey, I'm a gonna get me some foxy tail!"
Panel 2: "I'm a gonna get yous, here I go!"
Panel 3: "Oof, hey, how are you doing that?"
Panel 4: "Ugh, maybe that wasn't the best idea..."



1) You run...!
2) You jump...!
3) You hit the deck...!