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Hello everybody,

happy 2011 to you all.

Story: Ran my main badger, a lvl 50 rogue Scrapper, through Roy Coolings arc teamed up with a lvl 20 hero Troller.
We did well and both got the "Left no one behind" badge.
We then carried on and competed the story arc.
The troller (mission and star holder), got the "Helping Hand" badge but my Scrapper did not.
We both got the inf/xp and merits for arc completion.

Should I have been awarded this badge or not?
If not, is this one of those badges that are in the "Earned but not actually awarded till the alignment change is complete" catagory?
If not, are there any other badges that let you run the content but do not award the badge based specifically on your current alignment?

I was initially hacked off not to get the badge as I had levelled the troller up specifically to get Cooling as a contact and so act as an enabler for my Scrapper but have "gotten over it" as we frequently say

I think I felt more miffed that I could run this new content without any indication that the badge would not award from the game system or mission text or something. "Hero only" text at the mission contact stage perhaps?

I will speed run the arc when my scrapper has the last redside day job and is back as a hero and the world has not stopped so "hey ho" such is life!

I wondered if we had a listings of these "odd" badges requirements anywhere? Snow Globe's FAQ sticky thread might be a good repository?


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It isn't updated for this question (on a long to-do list), but I can answer you.

The story arc badges for Issue 19 (Helping Hand and Keeper of Coral Lore) are end of arc awards. Outside of the Flashback System, they only award to the mission holder. Inside the Flashback System all players on the team get the badge.

Even running the hero arc as a rogue (case A) or the villain arc as a vigilante (case B) will not get you the badge if you fully convert. In case A you are teamed with a hero who is going to get the badge, but you won't. In case B you are teamed with a villain who is going to get the badge, but you won't.

There is a loophole where a rogue could get into a hero base or a vigilante could get into a villain base and use a Pillar to share a flashback to the arc in question. I'm not fully aware of the details, but it involves a possible exploit so I'm not going to go into further details.

Suffice it to say that the two badges seem to be working as intended, and they are unlikely to change.

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Hello Snow Globe,

many thanks for your swift and (as usual) really helpful response.

I have slotted this one into my "To do" box as soon as I get back to full Hero status

I hope your answer here will also help any others about to snag this badge.

Thank you

So many cats - So few recipes!

Age is of no importance,
unless you are a cheese!