Happy new year infinity




And what a strange year it has been. We finally got the incarna stuff we been wanting without knowing what was.

Oh and those dance emotes we been craving.

I´ve personally met some great people this year, people ive been playing on the same server but not with until now.

Big shout out to Lady.blade, SOB, Thaum, Bob and the Pinks. Im sure im forgetting someone new in my half drunken state, but such is the dangers of shoutouts, if i forgot you and you are on my global friends list, chances are good that you are awesome.

Have a great new year everyone and thank you everyone for making infinity the server it is.




Happy New Year, Buggy!

Happy New Year, Infinity!

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Damn you Bug, with your future posting abilities! Still got 4+ hours here afore it's a New Year.

Either way, Happy New Year Infinity! Can't wait to inflict my presence on ya next year!

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Happy New Year, YAY!!! I'm in Pocket D, so if anyone wants to drop by to celebrate the New Year, come see me!

Yay, Infinity Taxis!!!
Try my City without Taxis story (1679) if you get a chance and let me know what you think!



belated Happy New Year back at you all

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