Windows 7 known issue with alt-tabbing?




Ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 I've been having a problem with alt-tabbing. When I alt-tab out of the game, then alt-tab or click back in the screen is always frozen or black. In order to get it back I have to alt-tab out and then back in again. This always fixes it. Also, I can interact with the game while the screen is frozen (click on things, move, do whatever) it's just the display itself that freezes.

This happens regardless of other programs I'm running, or even if I'm not running any other programs at all.

Edit: Problem solved. Updating my drivers fixed this issue. :/



Yeah, I had the same issue. Drove me NUTS. I tried all sorts of workarounds but nothing fixed it. Thankfully, nVidia came to the rescue of my sanity and I've had no issues since.


Also on Steam