Not renewing - But not leaving for good.




From about the second week into January and 2011, my prepaid subscription to this wonderful game will end, and sadly due to things in my personal life and now often working 10 - 15 hours a day, I simply do not have the time anymore to sit down in CoH and play with the wonderful people of Union.

However, this is not a permanent quit, and is the 3rd break I've taken off CoH, as such, I'll most likely be back a few weeks before i20 goes live or to test and running more moApex TFs and still trying to get the illusive moTin badge for my tankers.

Over the next few weeks, you will most likely see me occassionally logging in for short periods of time, to see if any quick TFs or low level teams (I still need to level my next 2 ice tankers) are forming within a short while of logging in, but sadly I most likely won't be able to do things such as host TFs or run the very enjoyable long content in this game such as the SSTFs, and CoP trials (Due to how long, but also reasonable, time it takes to gather 24 players to undertake this task.)

A big thank you to all the players (And people) I've gamed with over the past few months, and I shall hopefully see you all again not too late into the new year.

Best regards,
- Flints/Rebate.



Flints, you will always have a place on Union and amongst the Zero Strykers SG. You assistance in COP runs has been invaluble and I'm sorry to see that you might not be taking part in them for a while at least.

Hope to see you online again soon though buddy!

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I know the feeling/issue Flints. I have returned 3 times myself after some short breaks.
We'll still be waiting for your return




Hope to see you back sooner rather than later, all the best out there

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