Sorry about Manti last night....




Sorry about Manti TF last night, but we've been having internet problems for the past few days. On Christmas day, we had the power go out twice, a transformer blew, and the internet and phone lines went down! My connection is somewhat not that great!

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No worries. Just sorry you weren't there to get the rewards. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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You need to find someone to powerlevel you!!!!!




Crusha PLs, you should find him in game.

/gignore @username is the best feature of this game. It's also probably the least used feature.
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Hazy is right
Can't get enough Hazy? /chanjoin robo's lounge today!



@Da Crusha and @Da 2nd Crusha, just in case. He's happy to PL people who send him tells.

[Team] Imperious Rex: Yep. once again, the Robo's Lounge folks showed me how easy this game is.
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