My tanker spec - can someone please check over?




Hi all,

I have been out of the game for 2/3 years now. Back in the day I had a lvl38/lvl39 Mutation/Stone/Fire Tanker...

Initially I got entirely the wrong impression of a Tanker, mine was specced to deal damage....not take it! - After a few intense threads on here and a respec or 2 later...I had, what was at the time...a well specced Tanker - See below for the spec (it hasn't changed)

Now I've renewed my subscription for a month to see how I get on, and so far I'm really enjoying the game again

So my question is, is that spec still one that is up to scratch to todays standards? or have things changed/improved and now I need a different set of powers to tank more effectively? (as I have a free respec that I can use)

All thoughts and comments appreciated - Oh and by the way, I have some empty enhancement slots due to lvl'ing the other day and not put anything in them yet..

Also can someone remind me where I can find someone to buy enhancements from? I've forgotten!

Thanks for your help guys,



You need to read up on Enhancement Diversification. It happened a long time ago, but judging from your builds, it's not something you're aware of. The short story is that after the third SO, you pretty much stop getting benefit from enhancements.

You have a lot of enhancements that aren't doing anything.

These days, the best place to buy SO enhancements from is the Midnighter's Club or the vanguard vendors in RWZ.

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I would also strongly suggest that you download Mids Hero Planner from

Most people use Mids to help them plan out builds before hand and most people will use Mids to show you builds and you can take the Datalinks or DataChunks from their builds and very them offline whenever you like.

Also you might want to go to and start reading up on the Invention System which happened in Issue 9.

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