A couple of questions...




Hey folks,

It occurred to me that I've been meaning to ask these questions for a while but I keep forgetting:

1) Do global damage bonuses(like from IO sets and incarnate boosts) apply to a mastermind's pets as well?

2) Do Defiance Bonuses(and other damage bonuses) affect blaster pets(Voltaic Sentinel/Gun Drone) as well as things like trip mines and time bombs?

Probably dumb questions I know...

Still, I've always been curious about them.



Incarnate boosts are treated as enhancements, not global bonuses, and apply to any power wherein you could slot the appropriate enhancements, which means Incarnate damage bonuses do apply to pets.

Global damage bonuses do not translate to pets, however. They do translate to pseudo-pets, such as Shield Charge and Chain Induction. I'm not sure whether Trip Mines are pseudo-pets or not (I suspect they are, as they do not appear in the Pet window.)

Also, there's an entire forum to ask questions near the top of the list, called "Player Questions" - probably a better place to ask questions.




I was thinking along those lines but was never sure.

I probably should have looked for a better place to post this in any case.