Alpha's Birthday Task Force Extravaganza




On December 27th, starting at Noon EST, I will be hosting a series of TFs to celebrate my 32nd birthday. We'll be starting off with Lord Recluse's Strike Force, followed up with Barracuda's, Imperious', Lady Grey's, Apex's and Tin Mage's. The only solid timing will be for the first TF, then we'll just follow suit as the team reforms. I won't be taking sign-ups but I will be announcing each TF start on the Guardian and Level 50 channels, so keep an eye out for some fun!



32... I remember when I was 32 all those years ago.... Damn I'm old but not as Mr U!

Count me in Alpha.

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0 50s but I have fun playing!



MU iz older than dirt or so I've been told. O.O

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Happy Birthday Alpha-One!

I am out of town or I would join you.

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I'm usually crashed after my work weekend until evenings on mondays. If I can be there for the later TFs, I'll do what I can.

Happy Birthday Early in case my insomnia takes over and I miss it from crashing too hard.

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Though I had to nix the Tin Mage TF due to lack of time on my part, I'd like to thank everyone who came and helped me run 5 TFs in one day! Woohoo!