Plus 4 TF Group -- New Schedule




Hello all! As the new year is quickly upon us, it is that time to start organizing plans for the coming weeks. And, my "Plus 4 TF" group is no exception...

The popularity of these events has told me that there are people out there who enjoy a good challenge and some proper ***-kicking fun. Running these at the lower levels is no joke!

Some changes are going to be made to our schedule to accommodate those who wish to join us. This group will now be run twice a week. Once on Saturday @ 7 PM and Sunday @ 3 PM (all times are Eastern). This should give you ample opportunity to join us and perhaps let people run them on more than one character.

We will be starting from the beginning and going through each (and every TF) in the game (hero side).

Here is the planned schedule...

Jan 8-9 = Positron part 1

Jan 15-16 = Positron part 2

Jan 22-23 = Synapse

Jan 29-30 = Sister Psyche

That should cover the schedule for January. Rememder!!! These happen Saturdays @ 7 PM & Sundays @ 3 PM (eastern).

What do you need to do to join us?

Best way is to join the new global channel called Plus 4 TF. It was created so that organizing teams, etc for the event would be easier and the MOTD always has a quick blurb about upcoming stuff.

On the day/time of the event, make your way to the appropriate contact. Suggest showing up about 15-30 minutes early so you don't miss out! **Please** come prepared for the event. Get all of the inspirations, enhancements, etc you will need. I strongly suggest that (if your character is below 50) that you slot generic IOs so that leveling up doesn't alter your enhancement needs. These +4 TFs do take some extra time. So, we do want to move along as much as we can. If you show up and are not ready by the time we are ready to start, you may be dropped for someone else. Sorry!

And, there isn't really anything fancy or flashy about the event. Show up. Kick butt. Go home.

What are the benefits of running these @ +4?

1. For fun.
2. Those under 50 can find themselves getting uber xp.
3. Good drops tend to be seen.
4. Obviously, @ +4 it will make you a lot of influence/prestige which I'm sure you and your SG will appreciate
5. Enjoy teaming with some crazy, but competent players. Well, competency I can't guarantee but crazy we are!

If anyone is reading this and would like to start a Villain-Side version of this please let me know. This doesn't just have to be an event led by me. More leaders/volunteers are welcome!

Happy holidays and hope to see more of you come!

P.S. Yes, we will be getting to the Shadow Shard TFs at some point. +4 Dr Q here we come!

@ Dr Gemini

�If we would come together and be great role models, it would be amazing to see how the next generation turns out.�



Awesome, I'll be joining that channel when I get home. The +4 STF from last night was a hellova lotta fun.