badge/title number changes?

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I'm not sure how long this has been broke, but I can't seem to access my "Whip Cracker" badge. It was 1178, and I used to be able to do:

/settitle 1178

My other badges still work, but not this one. If I go to my badge list via navigation, I can select it. But I have binds which do costume changes and set the badge/title at same time. Does someone have a new/current list of what they currently are? The one I've been using is:

Which has old values (at least for Whip Cracker).


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I'm not sure how long this has been broke, but I can't seem to access my "Whip Cracker" badge.
As an FYI the badge /settitle numbers for many badges tend to shift upward almost every time the Devs add badges to the game.

I've been using /settitle binds for years and I've noticed a pattern for how this works: For some mysterious reason the Devs love to add new badges to this game in places around the 1000 /settitle mark. What this means is that badges which have a /settitle number less than about 1000 have been pretty stable for years. On the other hand badges with /settitle numbers above 1000 tend to get shifted upward with the addition of new badges in the "middle" of the list. Basically what this means is that you can usually count on any 1000+ numbered badge to change fairly often. In fact the latest patch to the game just last week shifted many of those badges up by 2 as Eric pointed out.

It's always been frustrating that they don't just add new badges to the end of their master list. I'm sure there's some method to their madness, but otherwise I've just learned to update my numbers accordingly. The Titan webpages are usually pretty good at updating their lists when changes happen, but as you can see they don't always update instantly.

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Try 1180.

(I believe one of Snow Globe's threads around somewhere had details of the settitle changes, but I can't locate it at the moment.)
Changes with every Issue, and my list is partially out of date due to that.

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