Trying to motivate myself with my level 33 Demon/Trick Arrow MM

Adeon Hawkwood



Out of my 14 toons, my level 33 Demon/Trick Arrow MM is one that I am trying motivate myself into getting in the action more. For some reason, I have lost a thrill in playing this particular Alt. I have a level 50 Bots/Traps that I love but for some reason (and I am not sure what it might be) I cannot motivate myself to play her. I know one reason may be the constant yelling and growling of my demon pets. It can get annoying at times. Maybe it is my secondary set of trick arrows, not sure?

I have a nice bio with this toon and I am really seriously thinking of redoing her over again with a different secondary other than Trick Arrows. It seems that I can never really do enough damage (not counting pet damage) with what I have as an arsenal. Does anyone else out there have this issue with this build? Maybe I just picked the wrong secondary, heck, maybe I should go away from demons altogether and try another MM set? Any thoughts out there would be welcome.



Lighting Oil slick with corruption never gets old and (don't quote me on this....) so far the burning oil hasn't made my pets run for cover, they even seem to like the flames!!!

Keep going you're almost there!!



I'd also agree, wait until you have OSA before giving up. Trick Arrow isn't a great set overall but OSA is a great power and shoudl help if you're feeling a lack of damage.



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I have a level 50 Bots/Traps that I love
Bots/traps is awesome fantastic amazing, not every MM will compare



I think you should stick w/ TA. It seems like a fun set and it keeps you active. I plan on trying /TA out when I get back (past lvl 10 that is). I'd say wait until after Oil Slick. I've seen it in action and it's awesome.



Trick Arrow is a fantastic powerset that offers a lot of control potential, but it is a later bloomer for sure. Once you have Oil Slick Arrow and EMP Arrow it gets a lot better. I would also suggest for your Ancillary powerset grabbing Power Boost from Mace Mastery. With the right slotting, your EMP Arrow will keep a mob Held (including bosses sometimes) for almost a minute.

You should really be benefitting from the control aspect of your character with the combination of you and your Demon Prince. You should plan on getting some */Mez HOs a him around for late game and use your Ice Arrow in conjunction with his Ice Hold. You should be able to perma-hold an Elite Boss with that combo.

/TA allows you to send your minions in while you stand back and debuff the snot out of everyone. It allows you to see the entirety of the battlefield which is contained by you through immobilizes, holds, and slows while debuffing the enemy to hell.

If you haven't done so already, make a macro or bind a key to petcom_all goto so you can send your minions into the middle of an area while you open up debuffing them. I do this with my level 50 Ninja/TA, except I only have it bound to send in my Genin and Jounin because the Oni works a lot better when not in melee for my playstyle. The only problem I see with this is your Hellfire Demon getting a lot of attention with his DoT Aura. If I am not watching that guy, he get himself in a lot of trouble.

Final words, get all the arrows you can and slot them (maybe skip slotting flash arrow because your pets are resistance based), keep the battlefield under control, and look forward to HOs and perhaps you won't get sick of that MM.