Co-op Tip Drops




I am currently a Rogue working my way towards becoming hero; now my problem is when I do co-op mishes or tf's all the tip drops are for Rogue or Villian.

It would be nice if you can get tip drops for both sides as you are on co-op content.

Too many 50's to list here's a few you may know.
Slazenger, Area51, Area53, Area54, Erruption, Mind Plague, Thresher, Sheath, Broadside, Debt



I almost posted an entirely different answer but I see you mean when running an ITF or LGTF etc, you want an equal chance to get a hero or villain tip if you are a rogue or vigilante?

I can get behind that.

In the meantime just dismiss the ones you don't want and head to the appropriate zone to get the "right" tips afterwards. I don't think it is that big a deal considering how often they drop.