Two quick questions




1- With most characters, I take the better of the two attacks available at level 1. On blasters, I take both, but that's mostly because of Defiance letting me fire them when mezzed - which doesn't apply to corruptors. For a corruptor (specifically, Ice Blast), is it worth it to take both?

2- When looking at corruptor attacks in Mids', does it show the regular damage of the attacks, or does it factor in an "average value" for Scourge, like it does for scrappers and Crits?

Thanks in advance!




1) for iceblast there is a good attackchain with ice blast ice bolt and bitter ice blast
means you should take them both
2) there is a button in mids to set all attacks with or without sourge

Helge corr lvl 50 rad/cold
Helge2 corr lvl 50 ice/rad
Techbothelge MM lvl 50 robo/dark
Helge Mauz def lvl 50 emp/ele
illuhelge troller lvl 50 illu/rad
Wiederbelebter helge nk lvl 50 bs/reg
Maennerschreack nightwidow lvl 44
Quantenjaeger ws lvl 3