CoH / GR / CoV emblems & icons




My little side project this week...

Full size: LINK

Images are a screenshot of the in-game character creator plus icons from: -and/or-

Controller is my favorite Archetype so it ended up at the top left, with everything evolving from there.

Think the icons should be in a different order? I'd be very interested in other opinions and examples. Template used for placement: LINK

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The first thing that popped to mind if I were to suggest... the large emblems are low rez images that have been expanded and so are less sharp while the little ones are very sharp and clear. You most likely won't get any sharper on the large ones so maybe blur/unsharpen the small ones so they look like they match.

As for order if I were going to start with controller at the top position I might've gone with (clockwise) Defender (since their powersets overlap i.e. both can be empaths), Blaster (both Def/Blast share the same ranged attack sets just blasters do more damage), Scrapper (pets aside, Blast/Scrap are the damage dealers though scrap are more melee over range), Tank (the other melee class and similar sets with scrappers). My .02 influ.

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