Alternate builds and PPP/APP




I only have three characters of lvl 41 or higher, and I have never messed with their second, or now third, builds.

My first question is, if I have a lvl 50 villain, who has always been a villain, and I work on her second build, is it locked into the PPP I took with the first build, or can I choose a different one?

My second question is, can I choose an APP instead of a PPP when leveling her second or third builds?

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It's not locked in. Hasnt' been since they removed the "lock" on PPPs for the patron you've chosen several issues ago.

And yes you can choose an APP on another build instead.



Once you (as a villain or rogue) unlock the PPPs, upon respecing you can choose any PPP, regardless of alignment.

APPs are always available to all/

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