New hard drive




I just took my laptop into the shop and I need a new hard drive. The tech is pretty sure they'll be able to get all the data off the old drive and on to the new one. Since I've never had a hard drive go out on me, my question is will this cause any issues with Cox? If everything transfers over ok, will I need to re-download or patch anything? Thanks for the responses.



Assuming they get the CoH folder transferred over intact, the only thing you'll likely have to do is reset your Graphics settings.

Those are saved in registry entries, which they are unlikely to copy over. CoH at launch will create these missing entries with the default settings.

Very minor annoyance, at worst.



I could definitely handle doing just that. The laptop was only 2 years old, albeit with alot of gaming, so that it needed a new hard drive so soon was what surprised me the most. Thanks for the quick response. =-)