Frozen Aura and Heal Proc




Hey all,

I'm just planning a Ice/Ice Tanker and I came across this heal-proc of a sleep set. Does anyone have experiences with the proc in an AOE-Sleep? Should be nice if it applies a heal to yourself based on a chance on mobs hit. I'm thinking of slotting it in Frozen Aura which would recarge in 8-10 seconds or something like that.

So, how does this proc erm... proc in an AOE-sleep?

Responses appreciated!


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It's something like a 10% chance to fire off a 5% heal on you. Basically, if you managed to hit 10 enemies each time you fired it off, you'd (on average) heal 5% of your HP each time it went off.

However, in my experience with it, it's just not worth the slot. Unless you really have no other place to put a slot, I'd say skip it.

There was a time when it first came out when it was bugged (might have still been in the I9 Beta) where it would fire off on every mob, meaning that if you had 10 enemies around you, you were healing 50% of your health every 8-10 seconds. I could stand in the middle of a freakshow pile with nothing but Wet Ice on, and live, firing off just Frozen Aura with the heal proc in it. While fun, it was definitely broken, and it's much less worth it now.

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I have this proc slotted in my Frozen Aura. I just tested it by herding up a bunch of Hydra men in an Unai mission. I activated Frozen Aura 30 times. I hit 7 on average (6.933 actually). 11 times I had 0 procs, 15 times I had 1 proc, 3 times I had two procs, and 1 time I had 3 procs.

My lowest number of enemies hit was 4, which happened 3 times. The greatest number was 10 which happened twice. It heals for 93.7 points of damage. It does not seem worth slotting this proc, although I will likely keep mine (when I slotted FA it was just a sleep, I have never bothered replacing the Call of the Sandman set I have it in once it was turned into a good damage power).

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I occassionally see 3 procs happening at once, which is always a nice sight.

I find it to be a good thing to have, as while at the HP cap 5% can be an awful helpful amount of HP to have with no reduction to DPS.



I tried it on my ele/sd scrapper, it was nice to have in early levels but later it was to weak so i took it out.



Yeah, I had it in the 2 lowbie attacks in my ele/ele brute (and took them out a loooooooong time ago), but this is concerning an AOE-sleep which is recharging fast... but StratoNexus made it pretty clear, that it's less helpfull than I thought...

I will slot a full Obliteration set then.

Thanks all.

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