Elvish is Everywhere Costume Contest




The Player Event Resource Committee

Elvish is Everywhere!

Calling all elves! Get the sleigh packed early, it's time for all the hard-working elves to party! So put on your best Elf costume and let's have some fun!

Who: All factions and levels welcome
When: December 23, 9pm est
Where: Ski Chalet in Pocket D, Infinity Server
What: A holiday themed "Elf" costume contest
Why: To promote holiday spirit and have some Elvish fun!


First: 1 Billion Inf
Second: 750 M Inf
Third: 500 M Inf

Plus BONUS prizes!

Additional Notes:
-If multiple Pocket Ds should spawn, this contest will be held in the highest number Pocket D to ensure that all participants may enter
-Additional prizes may be awarded at the host's discretion
-Please be on time as late entries may not be able to be judged

PERC supports the heroic work of the CoH community and hopes to raise awareness for the Real World Hero Project, a charity fund started by City of Heroes players: www.realworldhero.com



Originally Posted by Ironblade View Post
Elvish has left the building.
You just KNOW you're going to get at least one person with an elf Elvis Presley.
I'm absolutely certain of that. I made a toon called 'Elvish' this morning. He's hosting the event. Thankyuhveramush!



well, thanks to a timely win in the Paragon Shields of Justice Holiday CC, the prizes for the Elvish is Everywhere CC have gone up! Spreading the joy! Also, the start time has been pushed to 9 PM.



Congrats to our winners:

1st pl. Gooseberry
2nd pl. Inferno
3rd pl. Jolly Holly

Thanks for a great turnout! You ALL looked fantastic!

Be sure to check out realworldhero.com!



Indeed it was great fun, and I was thrilled that Herc let my nearly-an-elf toon Fitheal McClurichaun be a judge! Thanks for sponsoring the event and spreading some of that Christmas cheer!

But wait; where are all the pictures of the winners? I have a couple, but with my graphics settings, they won't do anyone any justice. That, and the fact that at only 4 feet tall, my screenshots are more pelvish than elvish.







those showing up?



I also see only li'l boxes with 'X' in them. But I do have the low rez pix I took.

Winners of the 2010 Elvish is Everywhere costume contest on Infinity Server, from left to right:
1st pl. Gooseberry, 2nd pl. Inferno, 3rd pl. Jolly Holly

Congrats to you three, and thanks to all who entered!

Here they are again, plus CC judge WeatherWench,... and half of Doom.



thanks kid! not sure what i'm doing wrong in posting the pix, but glad you've got my back!



Originally Posted by HercuIes View Post
thanks kid! not sure what i'm doing wrong in posting the pix, but glad you've got my back!
Glad to help, though I wish I'd caught a picture of Elvish to go with them.