My map is making faces at me!




Ok, I find this amusing, probably more than I should, but while running around on a mission to save a bunch of scientists, I looked up at my map, and saw this:

Almost looks like a creeper face from Minecraft, but then it has those little stubby arms and the wonky little legs to it. Anyway, I found it amusing and felt like sharing, even though the mission is timed and I still need to find that last scientist. Oh well, he'll understand... lol

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A good couple years ago, a friend of mine had a mission they really liked to farm... it might not have been the most efficient, but they had loads of fun with it. Unfortunately, they accidentally completed it one day. However, I also had the mission! So for a bit, we'd occasionally do a few runs where he'd go smash things with his brute while I'd kinda stand around and do other things (my character was NOT the right stuff for farming.) Among other things I did while I was really bored was hop around the map, spelling random things. It got to be kind of an inside joke, and a lot of the time it had to do with how his brute (named Crater) was good at smashing.

It even got to the point that when I later made a character as a sidekick to Crater (named Crater Jr.), when that sidekick character got to 50, Crater spelled out 'Crater Jr. slap okay' on the map.

So, I guess my point is, you're not the only one who's weird.

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That totally looks like a deformed Cactaur



I, for one, welcome our new cartographic overlords.

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