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I was running through Atlas Park when I thought I saw some zombies dancing. Upon closer inspection, I found some zombies, some demons and some thugs doing the Thriller dance under the Atlas globe. I stopped and watched for a while because it was pretty cool. The masterminds had put their pets in formation and they were synched up and dancing in unison. This was too good to not get a screenshot of, so I got a few and created a Flickr account to share.

Here's the link-

Many thanks to @Obsidian Farmer,@Obsidian Farmer 2 and @Thurmal Fallout for taking the time to set this up.

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thats cool! Just cool!



Oh wow, I didn't know you took that many I figured you may have gotten one or two! Thanks for posting!

This one's my favorite

Oh, I'm the two on the ends BTW. @Thurmal Fallout is the one in the middle.

@Thurmal Fallout was standing in AP doing it and I came up on my two accounts and threw on the Rikti costume and danced with him for a bit before I decided to switch to a couple of my Masterminds and join him.

We really need to set one up that has the other three primaries facing off against us doing the Disco dance one of these days.



I think that a mastermind dance off would be epic. It would be really nice if trollers and doms could get in on that too. Imagine imps, Jack Frost, stoney, gremlins, PA's, singularities, flytraps and dark servants being able to dance on command.

That would also be a great video project for those that have better FRAPS skills than I do. The screenshots just aren't the same as seeing it live.

That was easily one of the coolest things that I've seen in the 4+ years that I've been playing CoX. It really made my night. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to set it up. Any chance of scheduling a repeat performance so other masterminds can join in?

Otherwise known as EF



One of the best mastermind dance groups I ever saw was some guy with his thugs or mercs, doing YMCA (and he had his pets singing along) during some event-or-another in Pocket D in the test server. People were nearly crying from laughter.


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