Cathedral of Pain/Rikti Raid/Cathedral of Pain SIGNUP - 1/2/2011




Note: I've got another post that is the schedule for any CoP's that I'll be running. It'll cover my CoP's through the the end of 2010 and into 2011.

I will be organizing a CoP double-header on Sunday (1/2/2011) at 5pm EST (2pm PST). We'll start gathering in Pocket D approximately 15 min before. If you are interested in running do one of three things.

  1. Reply to this post
  2. Send and in game email to @Omega Shockwave
  3. Send a tell to @Omega Shockwave
Please let me know the name/AT/primary/secondary of the character you'll be bringing. If you have multiple options to bring, that's great, but please let me know who you would prefer to use. This is NOT meant to exclude certain AT's/sets. This is to help assign players to teams as quickly as possible while balancing the teams out properly.
(Side Note: If your character has a quirk to it, such a being a tank without taunt or a bubbler/thermal without the shields, please let us know about if ahead of time. And no, it doesn't mean you can't participate, just let us know.)

I'm going to be a little picker about the characters selected for the next few. Mostly this means once certain roles fill up, additional players wishing to participate for the same role, will be listed as an alternate. If we can't find 24 to fill all roles, obviously we'll take what we can get.

I've expanded (and touched up schedule) for The Cathedral of Pain Trial. Here's what it currently is.

4:45pm - Start Gathering in Pocket D (Please show up before 5pm, it helps me a ton with team placements. I'll be in Pocket D at 4:30pm.)
5:00pm - Targeted start time for Blue Side CoP. (if we don't have 90% of the 24 person roster by 5:30, I'll call off the Blue CoP. )
6:15pm - Rikti Raid; One run only, just enough so players can get the vanguard heavy. (to begin immediately after the 1st CoP)
7:00pm - Start gathering in Pocket D for the Red CoP. If you need Shivans, use this time to go get them.
7:30pm - Targeted start time for Red CoP. (If we don't have 75% of the 24 person roster by 7:45, I'll call off the Red CoP. )

This week the first run will be blue side and the second will be red side. Every week this order will be flipped so that the opposite side starts first. For example, if you set up a character to run a villan/hero morality mission, you'll be able to run your morality mission after/during the rikti raid (if doing this make sure you've got shivans/HVAS taken care of ahead of time) and run 2 CoP's with the same character in the same day. So if you're a vigilante and want to run twice this weekend, set up your character so you have done 10 villain alignment missions and only need to grab/run the villain morality mish to become a Villain, .

Couple of things...
  1. Make sure you are of the correct alignment. Blue = Hero & Vigilante; Red = Villain & Rogue
  2. Have at least 10 or so uses of the Envenomed Dagger at your disposal. Make sure it is in your power tray to use too.
  3. If you can get Shivans/HVAS, please try to do so. This is not a requirement, but it does help out. A LOT.
  4. Stock up on inspirations. (details in the guide)
  5. Actually READ the CoP Guide. Can't stress enough how much this helps out our chances of a successful trial.
  6. Add yourself to the Guardian CoP Channel. We'll use this channel to communicate during the trial.
    1. If you don't know how to get in on the channel, here's how. Right-click in your chat window and select "Channel Search". Type in "guardian" as the search terms and click "Search". Select "Guardian CoP Trial" and click the "Join Channel" button.
    2. I recommend creating a new chat tab that only displays the Guardian CoP Trial channel.
Other notes:
  • Grab a jet pack if you can't fly.
  • If you're planning on an I19 respec, please consider adding in Assault. If we get 10 people on this trial with it, that's somewhere between a 105-188.8% damage buff for the group. Maneuvers & Tactics are helpful too, and if you've read the guide, you know where vengeance falls into place for this.

@Omega Shockwave
Server: Guardian
SG: The Omega Revolution
VG: none



Here's who I have down for this so far:

@Omega Shockwave - BLUE (Toxic Soundwave; rad/sonic defender)
@Omega Shockwave - RED (Princess Scarletta; emp/elec defender)
@Anne Marie - BLUE (flex.)
@Anne Marie - RED (flex.)
@Endless Time - RED (Siluria; mind/kin controller)
@agentzed - BLUE (Restart.; emp/rad defender)-cancelled
@agentzed - RED (.Insert Name Here; claws/invul scrapper)
CONFIRM @Shroud of War - BLUE (warshade)
CONFIRM @Casa - BLUE (peacebringer)
CONFIRM @Ariel' - BLUE (elec/elec blaster)
OK CONFIRM @Local Man - BLUE (elec/SD scrapper)
OK CONFIRM @Verteron - BLUE (FF/Rad defender)
@Vixen Healer - BLUE (rad)
@Vixen Healer - RED (thermal)
@Echoes of Darkness - BLUE (flex.)
@Echoes of Darkness - RED (flex.)
@Celtic - BLUE (Celtic Thermal; fire/kin or flex.)
@Celtic - RED (Celtic Arranger; bots/dark mastermind)
@k26dp - RED (Molm Reindar; claws/WP scrapper)
@k26dp/MrsMartian - BLUE (Physics Lass; grav/storm troller OR Royal Violet; fire/emp troller)
@voltmeter2 - BLUE (Mental Misfit; fire/mental manip blaster)
OK CONFIRM @srmalloy - BLUE (undecided)
OK CONFIRM @Grease Monkah - BLUE (Hal Tempest; spines/fire scrapper)
@BLOODBATH - BLUE (night widow)
@BLOODBATH - RED (wp/SS tank)
@Lacklight - RED (Elle Rodriguez; crab spider, lvl 38)
@Grease Monkah - RED (fire/fire blaster)
@Yellow Gold - BLUE (fire/kin controller)
@Dragonlouie - BLUE (Louie; energy/energy blaster)
@Busta Move - RED (flex)
@Rick Gibraltar - RED (ss/WP brute)
@Balthazar Dinawk - RED (plant/plant dom)
@Balthazar Dinawk's friend - RED (Mariah Firebrand; fire/rad corr)
@Rick Gibraltar - BLUE (stone/EM tank, or fire/kin troller, or PB)
@Gazinshe' - BLUE (fire/fire blaster)
@Draconis 2 - RED (Evil Bad Guy; Fire/elec brute)
@Draconis 2's wife - RED (Flaming Amy; Fire/kin corruptor)
@Draconis 2 - BLUE (Mysterious Cowboy; Grav/storm troller)
@Draconis 2's wife - BLUE (Miss Red Cross; emp/psi defender)
@jray - BLUE (inv/SS tank)
@KOM 3 - RED (Melkor Morgoth; inv/stone brute)

@Omega Shockwave
Server: Guardian
SG: The Omega Revolution
VG: none



I know there were others who verbally committed, but I can't remember the specifics...

@Omega Shockwave
Server: Guardian
SG: The Omega Revolution
VG: none



Sign me up!
.Insert Name Here - Scrapper Claws/Invuln

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@Agentzed (Guardian Server)
Insert Name Here - Claws/Invul Scrapper Level 50
Restart. - Emp/Rad Defender Level 50



Blue - Celtic Thermal - fire/kin troller or swap as needed
Red - Celtic Arranger - bots/dark MM

global handle: @Celtic Coders 1, @Celtic Coders 2



Omega I never know what I'm doing but open invitation if I'm around and you need a body then just yell at me. I've a shed load of alts but I suspect the two which you'd most like are my rad rad corr and my d3 def. I have the badges so don't save me a spot but if you need someone - yell.

SAVE CoX info:
Titan Network efforts
Saving CoX events/FB info



Sign me up!! Will bring "Mental Misfit" Lvl.50 Fire/MM Blaster.(on my voltmeter2 acct.)



Blue CoP:

@k26dp - Physics Lass, Grav/Storm Controller
@MrsMartian - Royal Violet, Fire/Emp Controller

Red CoP:

@k26dp - Molm Reindar, Claws/WP Scrapper

Global name: @k26dp