Stalkers hp/sec question




I just met up with an energy/willpower. He claims that his stalker has 29.00 hp/sec. I haven't been playing very long and this has been the highest i've ever seen.

My question is; i have a claws/regen stalker. What is the highest i can get my hp/sec? Also, i plan on moving him to blue side to get physical perfection to add to it. Or is there a website with this kind of info?



-first, you don't have to go heroside to have access to APP, all vilain have access to it now (don't even had to do patron arc).

-You can easily go at 30hp/sec with a regen:
3slotted fast healing, health and integration bring you at 28.6
Add the 2 uniques Numina and Regenerative Tissue, you 'll be at 30.9

This with only 2 IO, no accolade, no bonus set...
For the "what max can reach", it totally depend on your budget.



>.> don't build for regen, on a regen. +recharge or +defense.

Having Perma Dull Pain will increase your HP/sec dramatically.

Your character does not have capped defense. Depending on your AT the cap is between 175% - 225%. Your defense is not teal in the combat window, it can go higher. STOP SAYING IT IS CAPPED! The correct term is Soft Cap.
I enjoy playing in Mids. I specialize in Melee Characters, other AT's usually bore me.