So far I have tried ice/ice and ele/ele do you guys prefer ele or energy to pair up with energy?




Title saids it all, I want whichever has better synergy and fun factor, I am kind of looking for a more versatile blaster but ice/ice is missing something, just feels to slow for me, ele/ele is fun so far but want to try energy first before I decide.

I should add I was considering energy/mental as well since it might be more of a ranged combination, although blapping sounds like fun to.
Thanks all.



I find nrg/nrg kinda fun, but nothing beats melting foes with fire/fire. Or you could try fire/nrg.



I'm a big nrg/nrg fan. My first 50 was nrg so i've got alot of playing hours on it. I always wated to try elec/elec to compare. I seem to remember there being alot of both those type of blasters before "I9 Breakthrough" but not so many elec these days...

If you team alot, the knockback on nrg can annoy some melee chars but i abide by the rule "if i knock it back, ima kill it!" and on my main build i don't have any aoes so is easier picking of knocked back foes (usually a combo of Total F, Bone Smash, Nrg Punch, Power Burst - power blast and power bolts to finish off if needed...yea, i blap ^^)

With elec blast, you won't have that knockback element so would go pretty well with ur /nrg. I may get round to making one at some point but it'll be a while if i do, so i hope this blathering on helped somewhat



Archery/devices or pistols/devices for me. Both are intensely fun.

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