RiktiMotherShip Raid! Sunday Dec 19th, 8pm est!

Grey Pilgrim



Its that time of week again!

Hope to see you all at the Raid, heres a few tips:

Plz meet at Point Du Huc,

Plz holla in broadcast if you need team,

Plz be ATLEAST lvl 35,

Plz have request channel up and in a window you can see it,

Plz if you are leading a team, give @3Deviant a private tell, I will assign your team a number and grate.

Last week we had to force a RWZ2, then move to RWZ2 because there were a few Apex/TM/LGTF teams, and not everyone could get into the RWZ1. We will play it by ear to see if we need to do the same this week.

Cyall there!

Thats one more.................. For the good guys!



Awww, shucks. I was going to try for one of these tonight before the Hami raid. Not sure if I'll get interest if people can do it tomorrow night, too. And you're more organized with this than I am.

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I would like to offer a HUGE apology to everyone who attended (or attempted to) the Rikti MotherShip Raid last nite.

Plz allow me to explain.

I parked my toon in RWZ1 and logged in at 7:50 pm est. Knowing the Raid was to begin at 8pm est. I showed up at this time because in the past, players would slowly trickle into the zone, getting on team ect ect. The Raid wouldnt even start til 8:15-8:30pm est.

Last week, RWZ1 filled by 7:50pm est and many players who wanted to Raid could not enter. I attributed this to a few teams running the new shiney TFs TinMage/Apex.
So a RWZ2 was forced and the raid was moved there. Everyone got in and had a wonderful Raid.

This week, I logged into RWZ1 and the same happened. RWZ1 was full and players who wanted to Raid couldnt get in. So we moved to RWZ2. Unfortunately, RWZ2 filled up in a matter of minutes. Teams were split and teams had to reform. The is were the raid turned into a BIG HOT MESS. Some players were frustrated (understandably).

@Madame Pistacio was kind enuf to jump back on RWZ1 and form a second raid, and for that i cant thank her enuf.

I want to stop this from happening in the future. Im willing to hear reasonable suggestions.

A Raid is doable with as few as 3 teams (maybe less) so getting the Raid done in RWZ1 isnt a problem. The problem is, i would like EVERYONE who shows up to able to take part. So thats where the idea of switching to RWZ2 comes from.

I look forward to hearing from Victory!

Thats one more.................. For the good guys!



An easy suggestion would be- "raids are always formed in RWZ2" that way you miss the "padded" numbers due to people tfing (since lgtf, tin and apex are super popular!) and playing cross-faction AE. However, since the 2nd instance will only spawn if there are too many people in the first, that's not a fail safe strategy.

I would suggest that if a 2nd RWZ spawns, you should just always plan on running two raids. Have 1 or 2 or 10 (:P) potential back up leaders who can lead the raid in whichever zone you did not make it in. This winds up getting more people involved total (even if each raid is slightly less full). For example, I know you had at least 6 full teams of 8 which is 48 people, my raid has at least 5 full teams which is 40. So at minimum, 88 people were raiding (my guess is it was probably more like 100) which is larger than one zone will ever allow. I am personally always for getting more people involved whenever possible. And if we can spawn 4 RWZ like some larger servers, then hell, I am all for it!

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Sounds like a soild plan!

Now, to find someone willing to run a second raid..... hrmmmmm...

/rubs chin

Thats one more.................. For the good guys!