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Hi guys,

Anyone have a kinetic/invuln scrapper and do any AV killing? I want to roll one and was curious how good/bad they are in general, as well as against AVs. Thanks!



I haven't tried one, haven't studied Kinetic Melee closely, and haven't made any builds. But it should be just fine. Invulnerability is a very solid secondary that doesn't need much from the primary, and the big hit points and resistance really takes the sting out of AV attacks, giving you time to react. Kinetic Melee can do good DPS. Inherent fitness makes Aid Self and the resistance passives more practical. It should be good.

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I have a KM/SR and like INV as a secondary very much. Havent put the two together yet. Search for CallMeAwsome in the tank forums and read his sigs with reguard to invuln and the soft-cap. It's expensive now-a-days. I dont know if it would be necessary, but the insights are sound. I really like KM. I personally believe that an understated secondary effect (like claws being light on end) is that KM can perform really well from a damage standpoint once all its key powers are slotted and minimal further investment* (that would be all except Repulsing torrent and confront, but only using the first 3 melee attacks and concentrated strike in an attack chain). Add aid self and you kill AV's.

*This is actually something I would like to see studied. Hypothesis: Kinetic Melee because of its mechanics, at lvl50 with standard SOs or IOs, benefits less from IOsets that directly buff damage, recharge, etc. than its competitors. It would actually make the more sense to slot KM with set bonuses that don't buff the primary because the result would be so marginal.

Edit: I guess it dosent need to be studied. The idea is that since Power Siphon recharges so well on its own and that is the way to boost power, a good way to increase performance is to use +recharge to more predictably get it to recharge and balance that with your ideas of how to use invlun's survival strengths

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It's expensive now-a-days.
Yeah, if you are lazy. With A merits between 2 toons I was able to get my /Invul Scrapper exactly where I wanted him in 2 weeks, with no cost (Defense wise, I did put some purples in there but that was for more recharge to perma Dull Pain.)

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Time is the real currency. Inf is just pretend money. Takes too long to outfit toons with A merits alone for me. I still find farming with an character made for it to be much faster, though it is less fun as it's random and can't be done with any character just like A merits, and I still find marketeering to be vastly superior to either choice once you've got capital, though it is a snoozefest since the new interface.