Praetorian Photochops




Been playing around with demorecord and photoshop lately. I thought this board had a sticky for photoshop creations but since I couldn't find it these get their own thread.



Emperor Cole's Elite Special Action Force

The Praetorian Rouges

Dingo the Baby Eater
Claws/SR Brute
Robbing the Imperial Museum of Praetoria.

Faux Trot Kinetic Melee/Reg stalker these days

Jackie Nimble
Dual Blades/Energy Stalker

Bushido Codex Katana/Invul Scrapper

Painbow Sprite
EM/EA Brute

This is Aesir Force One, an Axe/Invul brute

Having a bad day

Its was going to be a wonderful Christmas at the Cole Imperial Home for War Orphans.

Till the resistance stole all the presents.