Energy/Energy Blaster (Blapper) need help please.




Hi guys.

I've been playing scrappers mainly, and enjoying it, but now want to try something a little different, and yet something I can relate to what I've been doing in CoH all this time. After a bit of reading around Blapper is what I decided upon.

For my character I have chosen Energy/Energy/Force power pools. And was thinking of going with the superspeed travel power.

Being somewhat new to blasters I was hoping for advice on these powersets, such as what I can (or should) skip, and if anyone has a great build lying around I'd appreciate if you could share, and give me the lowdowns (weaknesses and strengths) on your build(s).

As for what I intend to do with the toon it's simple. Play him! Post any and all builds you might have that you wish to share, and please just let me know if it's something you use mainly for soloing, teaming, and/or farming etc.

Otherwise all I really WANT from this character is the powerpools mentioned, and if possible a wellrounded toon that can dish it in melee as well as range... The quintessential blapper

Thanks in advance.



Your best bet on a blapper is to softcap Smashing/Lethal defense, or if you can, Smashing/Lethal/Energy. While resistance helps, you don't have enough HP, or enough sources of +resist (usually only Tough and an Epic armor).

Energy Manipulation is a great start. It will be very expensive to do this via the markets, but A-Merits will make things much more affordable. Grab 4 or 5 sets of Kinetic Combat (four pieces only, I suggest the four "regular" parts and skip the proc) and put them in each of your single target melee attacks, and one in Boxing, Kick or Brawl, if you need it. Go with Cold Mastery or Mace Mastery and pick up the +Def shield. Get the Fighting Pool, and put the Steadfast Protection Res/Def in Tough (Put the -KB there too for a small recovery buff!). If you want to get Energy Defense, choose Mace Mastery (Ice Armor has no Energy Def), and slot Red Fortunes and/or Thunderstrikes. And get Combat Jumping, even if you don't plan on taking Super Jump. Not only does it provide a bit of a +Def boost, it adds mid-jump maneuverability, and combined with Hurdle (which is free now), gets you a significat amount of non-suppressing movement for when you have an enemy that you REALLY don't want to stand beside.

And keep in mind, most blappers WILL feel squishy until you get a well-rounded set of defenses. There's not much you can do about it.

This is a fairly quick build, using Energy/Energy with Super Speed and Mace Mastery. It has 45.6% Smashing/Lethal defence and 42.6% Energy defence, and decent - but not great - recharge. Don't take the build as gospel though, play around with it, and tweak it to YOUR needs. This is just a starting point for you.

| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build |
EDIT: Forgot to include it in the build: Throw a Miracle: +Recovery or a Numina: Regen/Recovery in Health, and an EndMod in Stamina to help keep your blue bar full!




Originally Posted by Roderick View Post
And keep in mind, most blappers WILL feel squishy no matter what defenses you get. There's not much you can do about it.
Fixed it for you...

(The OP is used to Scrappers after all.)

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Thanks for all the advice. It was more than I could hope for. I will definately follow your instructions, and when I get up in lvl I will see about tweaking around with it.

Thanks again!