Costume changing macro question




I have a character with four costumes that correspond to the seasons. Is it possible to create a single macro, set it on auto fire and have it cycle through the costumes automatically? Is there an alternative way to accomplish this?




I think you may not be able to put macros on auto



closest you could do would be to make a rotating bind, and either bind it to a movement key or another key which you can easily press.

Binding it to a movement key would spam you, most likely, with the "Must wait X seconds to change costumes again" message.

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There may be a way to do this, based on a keybind I once found that generated a random taunt bind. Another program had to be started to run in the background. Every so often, it would replace the keybind file defined for the taunt with another one. When you used the taunt, it would reload the keybind file. So you had to USE the taunt to keep cycling it, but in theory it was different every time.

I ended up abandoning it because it tended to come up with the same taunt more than once in a row and there was no real way to stop that.

For your macro, though, you could define a keybind file, say "costumechange.txt". Then set your keybinds for your movement keys to change your costume, and then call costumechange.txt. As long as the costume you were changing to was always the same, the costume change would be skipped, and your movement keys would just move you, and nothing else.

However, behind the scenes you could have a batch file rewriting the costumechange.txt file, say every 10 minutes. When the file changed, the first time you moved, the movement key would load the new keybind file, and then the second movement key you pressed would change your costume.

Thus for instance your costumechange.txt file could look like this:

w +forward$$cc 0$$bind_load_file costumechange.txt
a +left$$cc 0$$bind_load_file costumechange.txt
d +right$$cc 0$$bind_load_file costumechange.txt
s +backward$$cc 0$$bind_load_file costumechange.txt

Now, your batch file can do one of two things. It can either go through and replace "0" with "1" throughout the file. Or, you can make a file costumechange0.txt for cc 0, costumechange1.txt for cc 1, and so on, and have the batchfile copy each file in sequence to costumechange.txt.

An actual program to do the overwrite of the file would be even more powerful, but I'm trying to suggest something that would be simple to try. Hopefully you know a little bit about scripting batch files, if not maybe I'll try to come up with a more complete example.

I may actually try this, I have my character Joe Everyman set up to change costumes every time he activates Group Invisibility, but if I made it cycle on a schedule it might fit his concept better. (His costumes are all made to resemble NPCs, as if he is posing as a normal person on the street to lure villains into mugging him)



Wow, that sounds awesome but I have next to no experience with batch files and bind files. My thoughts were to attach the costume switch macro to my long recharge heal. As long as my recharge is over 30 seconds, I'd never get the costume timer spam. Your idea is much more in line with what I wanted though. Let me know if you try it and it works. I'll check the forum for posts on the batch and dind files and play around with that.