Ok, question...




Anyone have any clue how long the price for LotG +7.5s is going to stay ludicrously high? For now, at least, there is no reason anyone should be short for money unless you want all Purples and PvP enhancements. My wife and I are just running A-Merit missions for about an hour a day (however long it takes to run all five), and trading in for the LotGs every other day. Not to mention the other enhancements we have made and sold just from drops or mission completions.

Some of the regulars on this part of the forums know I have been middling in the markets for a while now and doing ok (I have even capped out a few times. Go me!), but it just seems like you would have to be doing something VERY wrong not to be making inf with the way things are now. I just hope it does not dry up for now.

Please keep making alts that want 5 +7.5s apiece. My wife and I are grateful.

11 months of all-nighters, messy feeding sessions, bath fighting and realizing just how good my son's lungs work, and I am still convinced he is the crowning accomplishment in my life. What in the blue HFIL is wrong with me?



It will be up for however it takes for all the old 50s to respec and for all the new Monkey 50s to get new IOs. And if that aint 'nuff, the Incarnate 50s also get a 3rd build that would, of course, need IOs too.



Some 1 Amerit recipes are going for 80-100m which may or may not be better than 2 amerits for a lotg.

I am an ebil markeeter and will steal your moneiz ...correction stole your moneiz. I support keeping the poor down because it is impossible to make moneiz in this game.