file help...




Can someone help me convert a .xps to a .doc, it 160MB so Zamzar's converter doesn't accept it and i don't see a reason to get a 1month thing there...

It a microsoft word works file, i have no idea how my brother got ahold of office on my laptop, but it's garbage and it not "saving as..." and all my efforts have thus far been unsuccessful...

I've not found any converters but maybe it's just me being stupid... so anyone able to help?



I meant wps btw...




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I've spent the last 3 or so hours on trying to get this thing to be converted.

If someone can get it converted still it'd be great, but I figured out what was bloating the file so huge... about 100 ~3000x2000px 1-3MB images being attached so I deleted all them and converted it. He can deal with fixing the images later if worse comes to worse.



I and another person have tried Open Office... doesn't work.