Possible to softcap my AR/Fire?




My AR/fire blaster is a "blast" (ahem) to play, however, the close range nature of the attacks in my secondary obviously require that I step fairly often into harm's way. Unfortunately, I am at work and can not post my current build to be critiqued, but I was wondering if softcapping my melee defense is possible. If someone could post a build or offer any pointers, that would be most helpful. Cost is not an issue as I have a pretty healthy stockpile at the moment.

To give you an idea of how I play the toon, he is my main solo toon, so teaming is rare and usually with close friends only. My attack chain goes something like rain of arrows--->exposive arrow---> run in and bust out burn or fire sword circle FTW.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



You'd be better off either softcapping vs Ranged (which can be tricky since alot of powers will need to be six slotted for Ranged set bonuses) or S/L (which can also be tricky but probably doable though you're gonna need to put slots in Brawl and you'll have to make choice to go villainside to get scorpion shield OR go Cold Mastery for Frozen Armor.)

This is blueprint of what you'll need roughly to get there. I chose the route of going evil for Scorpion Shield but I left all the other powers blank so you could fit them in as you see fit. Combat jumping or Stealth and you should be close to 45%

| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build |
|78DAA591CB4EDB401486CF10D340622781B4B4204A091B2E8 B08D456EA6551D1021|
|21291D210B1022263AC64246B1CD986365DF501BAE865D9F2 20559F89963D8BE939|
|3376000D8B4A3D52BE7FFCE7F719CF99C6FB0D1BE0E32B60C E9BC08DE3CE6B64E24|
|785B6EFF5441884DD01E401602AF53B2D5774FDE3FA7AE4F5 FC6850CBECDD937E3F|
|8C92FA168FFC4EC315BC7F12B8090FC5C4B6C0A02F927AB67 09A611860B0DB4BB8E|
|8DAE95322FC382EEA8780FE9B50EB6D71CA637EC4039E0CA6 37FBDCAB673B365C8F|
|76A2F5E0017EE153FC49AA53C84AE6E033035883912F5ABE2 AB1BE2979870996E65|
|8136501ACB74AEEB4B4B495A8A60C87309A864775784C87C7 74B8B0AB641E99D739|
|963F1B01A8C2E40F257258390C386A676939F771F1104A732 88B507AA4A432AFA5A|
|6E40306CB69CBF277A3A585DDAABA5BAE3A0774B2BB3764AA A644FE635D560096D2|
|7E4BBAC3F24DB9B5DFAC756DEA7A40053D205B0FC8D603DAB 9CAE9FB82A635BC076|
|0CAA959D9D5C8FFAA9F76B6D778AB806C139A843DC23EE180 7048700947048F207F|
|0DDF2E3FA30F7A4E78417849B88773824F94CC171145824D7 008254299502154093|
|38433821CC79773FACCF21C7B3076FDFCBF0DE78FE15C18CE AA31D915C359339C27|




Awesome! Thank you kindly. I will take a look at it tonight when I get home from work. I am certainly not opposed to switching side to pick up the patron power pool.