Incarnates and Percentages




Please forgive my ignorance in this matter; I was never much one for numbers. I majored in Unemployment, ahem, I mean English, after all.

As I understand it, for the Musculature Core Boost, 1/3 of the damage enhancement subverts ED and is applied directly to your power.

33% * 0.334 = 11.02%

The remainder of the enhancement is affected by ED as normal, which at the 'cap' is 15% of the value. So...

33% - 11% = 22%
22% * 0.15 = 3.3%

Thusly, a power that has already hit 90-100% should be receiving a 14.32% (11.02% + 3.3%) boost to their powers.

Hopefully at this point I'm correct. I have my Charged Bolts power six-slotted with Thunderstrike, giving it a damage increase of 101.5% for an average damage of 126.02. Having slotted my Uncommon Damage Boost, my percentage increases to 115.7% and my average damage increases to 134.96.

The percentage looks okay to me: 115.7% - 101.5% = 14.2%. Close enough for government work and my suspect math skills. However, moving from 126.02 damage to 134.96 damage appears to be only a 7.09% increase.

126.02 * 1.0709 = 134.96


126.02 * 1.0142 = 143.91

My initial assumption is that my understanding of the mathematics behind this are wrong and that the equations I've come up with are somehow inherently flawed. Is there someone out there who could assist me in understanding how this works a bit more fully? Or at all?

*cough*arcanaville*cough* (<---should I feel that this is like asking for help from a celebrity or the President?)



Okay, your math is mostly correct.

Here's the thing.

Before your Alpha slot, your damage bonus is 101.5% for a damage of 126.02. This means that your base damage (before any enhancements) is approximately 62.5. (Because your damage bonus is a percentage, that means each charged bolt is doing 62.5 + 1.015*62.5, for a total of 126.02).

Now, when you add the alpha slot, your damage bonus goes up to 115.7%, which means you're doing 62.5 +1.157*62.5 damage for a total of about 134.8 damage.

Your error was in assuming that your 126.02 was your 'base damage'. Simple mistake.



Ah ha! I was suspicious something like that was my issue, but no matter what I tried to do in regards to the 62.5 base damage, I couldn't seem to get the numbers to work out.

I see what's going on with your math there, even if I don't fully understand it. However, rather than continue to ask the community for math lessons, I think I'll go and do a little research on percents and their ilk on my own. =)

Thank you very much for your assistance with this and helping me understand.



No problem.