Ok, Ive never made a dom past 30 but after seeing the masteries available an ice/fire dom just sounds too fun to pass up.

Ive played an ice controller for several years now and its by far my favorite set, but it always lacked the added oopmh of other sets(his /ff secondary wasnt much help either hehe).

But now that i have the time and infamy to blow I want to roll a dom but i lack much experience with the AT at higher lvls. I know i will be spending a lot of time in melee(AA is my bff) so I want to slot for as much s/l defense as i can. Im just looking for good advice on what powers i can hold off or skip altogether

This much I know..

MUST haves from Ice
chilblain, BoI, AA, ice slick, jack frost

not as needed
shiver, glacier

loser powers

IMPORTANT fire stuff
fire blast, embrace of fire, combustion, consume, blaze

cool stuff
fire breath, blazing bolt


as for pools..i was gonna shoot for cj/sj, then hasten. maybe fighting to boost defenses

ice mastery--sleet and frozen armor ~drool~
fire mastery--RoF and fireball ~more drooling~
never much liked the PPPs

Ive been toying around in mids but id like to see someone else's take on things before I post anything, I dont think my ego could handle the blow lol

Stonefather - 50 Stone/WP/Soul brute
Sable Affliction - Earth/Dark/Fire Dom
Wild Cipher - Beast/Time MM



Heh, i traditionally run brutes, and have never tried for S/L defense. Likewise, on my Dom I am the original paper tiger. One of the funnest parts is figuring out how I am gonna safely destroy my foes. (and I keep 2 3rd tier Rezzes in my toolkit)

And that is why i love doms after trying to love Blasters. It is possible to actually pull this off. granted, my 50 Fire/Psi Blaster can lay out tons more damage..... when he isnt running for his life. My dom can control combat and kill faster than my Brutes. Squishy, yes. But so much more functional for the team. Of course it helps to have played the game for years. I know I would have been a much worse Dom if I had not been a frontline Brute for so long.



I by no means mean I must softcap to s/l, but anything over 30% i can pop a small insp and be at softcap.

Permadom would also be nifty, but Im not sure if it's as necessary for ice compared to other sets like fire or mind.

Stonefather - 50 Stone/WP/Soul brute
Sable Affliction - Earth/Dark/Fire Dom
Wild Cipher - Beast/Time MM



Softcapping S/L on a Dom is suprisingly straight forward.
Just do the following steps:

1. Slot 3 melee attacks with Kinetic Combat (Brawl, Boxing/Kick, and your Secondary's melee attack).
2. Slot Toughness with the Steadfast 3% Def unique.
3. Slot Hover/Combat Jumping with a LotG 7.5%.
4. Slot Maneuvers, Weave, and Frozen Armor with a LotG 7.5% and an Enzyme HO.

If you don't want the Leadership Pool then you will probably have to use more slots for set bonuses.