New TF requirements?




I got an offer last night to run the new Tin Mage TF.

Seeing as the character I was on was actually in the middle of the "open the alpha slot" arc, I declined with an explanation that I didn't have the incarnate stuff done on him yet.

However, that got me to questioning and I'm not sure of the answer.

So: In order to avoid the "non-incarnate debuff" on these new TFs, do you just have to
have the alpha slot unlocked? Or does it actually have to be slotted with an "Incarnate-O"?

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It must be slotted to avoid the -4 debuff.

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It must be unlocked to join the TF, but if it isn't slotted you will be debuffed to level 46 and all enemies are level 54.

Only incarnates are powerful enough to defend themselves against a power Cole is using against Paragon City. As part of the Apex TaskForce, you find out at least 1 big name hero isn't an incarnate and isn't able to defend themself against the praetorians in this fight.

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