Thinking about returning.....




So I have a Rad/Psi that has been on the shelf since i14/i15. Mostly IO'd for +Recharge. Perma AM/Hasten, Power Mastery Epic, and I'm wondering if its worth dusting off for some playtime. Is it possible to be competitive without PvPIO's?

P.S. Any comments about how Rad/Psi does these days is appreciated.



You should definitely dust it off. New vigilance increases your solo damage and rads are always awesome on teams. PvP IOs aren't a requirement for pvp. They just help. You read a lot of talk about perfect builds on this forum because that's the goal people shoot for. Most pvpers, however, run builds that cost less than 7bil.

And rad/psi is still a great build. The only problem you'll run into is the fact that rad debuffs de-toggle when you're held, which means you'll never keep them up against trollers/doms that know how to play. That doesn't mean they're unbeatable, just that you have to change your tactics a bit.


solo pvp?

Cooler than every single owl EVER.