i dont want to be fed up of my DP / Pain :(




Hey all,

I have a lvl 50 DP / Pain...

I need some help, im really fed up with the combo and i dont want to be, it seems underpowered and a bit boring. I used to team alot and now i dont seem to team so much, and obv /Pain is more team orrientated.

I was wondering if someone could come up with a decent solo build for it or something to make it more fun.....

any help majorly needed...




I felt "underpowered" on my DP/Cold too outside of the -res debuffs. However I have found that building for +dmg and slotting procs have pretty much resolved that feeling for me.

Here's a few pointers of what I've done:

Build for +dmg: Assault gets you an easy +15% dmg, add three sets of Devastation in your ST blasts for +3% a piece, and a set of Obliteration in HoB for another 3% and you've got an easy +27% global damage buff right there.

Stuff your blasts with procs: My ST blasts are slotted with 4 Devs. and then the last 2 slots are filled with damage procs. I have found that the Apocalypse proc in ES has especially added that extra "oomph" I felt lacking. The good AoE sets also come with dmg procs so adding at least 1 proc in those is not difficult at all.

I hope that helps.

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