Cold Pizza Weendend at the Rookery.




*brushes out her fur, nice and smooth and silky. Slips on a lovely silk nightgown and sashays down the steps, pausing a couple times to cough and blow her nose*

Welcome everyone... To another lovely weekend at the Rookery. *cough cough* The chefbots have prepared a fine selection of cold pizza for everyone, whatever you may like. *sneeze*

And I have a horrible cold again today. Don't worry, I didn't help make any of the food. *wheeze*

*collapses on the red cross FBBC and sips some orange juice*

SG Mate: Cien, what the hell is this Rookery thing?
RadDidIt: (interjecting) Dude. It's the Rookery.
SG Mate: Yeah, but what IS it?
RadDidIt: Silliness Incarnate.



*nabs a couple slices of pepperoni pizza and then hands Neko a cup of hot chicken broth* hope ya feel better, Neko.



Hey all, hope you feel better Neko

Don't say I'm out of touch with this rampant chaos your reality

Evilly Yours, Fey Bot/Trap MM



Heya folks....get better Neko!

*snags a couple slices*



*Wanders in and plops down.*

My computer is in the shop. This sucks! Borrowed my sweeties laptop to say hello. Should have the PC back in a few days.

Hiya NekoDaKittehFeyFeyLarkerPhilly

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Villains : AtomBomb (50 Rad/Kin corruptor), Aleks (50 SS/Inv brute), StoneLethal (50 EM/Stone brute), Davroz (50 Bots/Dark mastermind)



-snakes in and snags a piece- Mmmm happy weekend everybody.



GGrr.missed out on the cold pizza..wasnt feeling so hot this weekend..also need to reboot my laptop sometime this week..everytime I ry to get into coh, it starts the update then my laptop does a memory crash dump.
Ive missed out on SO much the last few months.

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