DB/Elec has questions on the DB attack chain?




Well, I have been playing this brute for a bit now, up to 44 But now I am at a bit of a standstill. After looking through multiple threads and discussions I am trying to decide whether or not to keep the Sweeping Strike and Attack Vitals or take one or the other. With little to no recharge bonuses I have been able to keep a constant attack chain with the only thing but the thought of putting in three more powers and 15 more slots sounds good too. Now, my thoughts on the two are that the Attack Vitals chain seems like nice dps with the bonus of a great cone tick where as the sweep combo seems to be more aoe centered with the bonus of 2 knockdowns for added damage mitigation. Now, I know that each have there advantage like the Attack Vitals almost seems like it would be more suited against AVs and high hp targets where as the Sweep combo seems better for taking out groups of enemies enmass.

So, whats your milage? How the attack chain on yours?

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With my scrapper I do BF then the Sweep combo followed by BF and the AV combo over and over. But, Im sure there is a better way.



Personally, I use Blinding Feint > Attack Vitals > One Thousand Cuts. It works well for me.

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