Dr. Khan Task Force and Difficulty settings...

Katie V



(I've reported this via /bug once already, I see no point in doing it EVERY TIME I RUN THE TF... However, GM_Sven assured me that it will be investigated...)

What am I missing? The last mission of the Dr. Khan Task Force is unreliable at best regarding difficulty settings. I routinely run TF's at +4/x8 difficulty. It's more fun. It's more challenging. And the people I usually run with like it too. But, it's getting a bit annoying steamrolling your way through missions with level 54 Minions conning purple only to get to the big finale and see level 50 LT's conning yellow. It's a bit disappointing to say the least, expecting all 4 of the AV's to be 54, and find them 50's. Out of our last three runs at +4, two of them have ignored the +4 on the last mission, one of them on at least one other mission (though I don't recall which mission).

I can't reproduce the bug, because IT'S RANDOM. Unless it is somehow affected by the specific AT's on the team or something, I see no way to reproduce this bug with regularity.

And while I'm here... Can we get the EB's to spawn as AV's when the leader has the AV option on? >.> (Hey, I can try, can't I?!)



I believe the settings in a TF mission are based on/set by the first person to enter the mission not necessarily the team leader. Just what I recall people saying what the problem is.

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Difficulty settings for a mission (any mission of any sort) are determined as follows:
1) If the mission holder is in the zone with the mission door when the first person enters the mission, the mission holder's settings are used to set the mission difficulty
2) If the mission holder is not in the zone, the settings of the first person to enter the mission are used to set the difficulty.

Kahn is a bit tricky because there is no fixed mission door, and it's traditional to use the Ouroboros exit as the door for the last mission. If you gather the entire team in a single zone before anyone enters the mission, the difficulty should be set correctly. If the mission holder is the first person to enter the mission, the difficulty will be set correctly.