Power Pool Revamp




what City of Heroes needs most right now is a revamp of the Power Pools.

the Power Pools are a great way to add little bits of variety and flavor to every AT without having to design out whole traditional powersets. unfortunately, the Power Pools remain virtually unchanged since launch.

with the recent (and welcome) change to Stamina, now would be a great time to revamp this awesome yet neglected feature of CoH.

Power Pools are meant to be viable little flavorful additions to any AT. it's the place to put some general powers that any Super could ostensibly have.

for example, adding new martial arts powers or animations to the Fighting Pool. after all, anyone can have a little martial arts training, and while they may not be as awesome as the pure Martial Artist, it can provide players with more power choice options to more fully realize their vision of their character without going with a full on free-form power choice system like one of our competitors.

general gadgets is another good option to add to the pool.

more animations (and color customization) are also a must. it can take a power like Heal Other and make it more magical, so that the Magic origins will feel more open to taking it.

there is a lot of great potential in the Power Pool system that is unfortunately handicapped by its dated coding. when people criticize CoH for it's limited power archetype structure, they never really consider the variety the Power Pool system adds, and i think that's because it's being woefully under utilized.

and, of course, this revamp should include a re-examination of the power pool powers themselves and their effects, in order to make some powers more viable. the Presence pool for example, while conceptually awesome, often fails to deliver.

any thoughts? what additions and changes would you like to see to the Power Pools?



Originally Posted by Quinch View Post
Last I heard, it's "in the works".
Are you sure?
Last I heard was... " We know you want it, but we not sure if is a priority right now for us to develop".
I hate power pools, they look outdated.
We need a total revamp with some customization for them. I mean, I want it to happen for I20
Wish is in the works, and avanced.



I have Super Speed and Hasten on 100% of my toons. I LOATHE the look of super speed and hasten on 100% of my toons. Why do good things have to look so bad? And for that matter why do things that look so good have to be so bad in this game? (Yes, I am looking at you dual blades, dual pistols, etc etc)

With Fitness gone it really feels like there are just too few options in power pools. Infact I think just about all my toons have the exact same Pools on them now (speed, leaping, fighting, and leadership every single time).

Customization and more options (that can fit in and compete with current ones) really should be alot higher than I am guessing it is on the priority list.



Need travel power customization as one of the power pool revamps. I gotta have my hover board for flying.

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